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Posted on Aug 16, 2017

August 15th, 2017

A group of internationally recognized orthopaedic surgeons has published the first collection of clinical cases utilizing Rebound® braces from Össur. The innovative Rebound line includes indication-specific Functional Healing braces designed to optimize patient healing while maintaining function and mobility.

“We are gratified that some of the world’s most respected thought-leaders in orthopaedic surgery have contributed these clinical evaluations of Rebound bracing,” said Dr. Axel Schulz, Medical Director for Össur, the global medical technology leader renowned for its advanced prosthetic and orthopaedic innovations. “Their experience will be very helpful in formulating longer-term clinical protocols for these technologies, which have been specifically designed to help accelerate recovery from PCL, ACL and cartilage-based knee injuries.”

LaPrade Case Demonstrates Rebound PCL’s Effectiveness

The Rebound PCL Brace from Össur is the world’s first dynamic force brace for rehabilitating posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) ruptures. It is part of the Functional Healing® line of innovative indication-specific, dynamic orthopaedic solutions intended to optimize healing while maintaining patient function and mobility.

Össur’s Rebound product family is built on decades of experience and designed to protect bone and soft tissue during healing through innovative technology and proven biomechanical approaches. Rebound PCL, the world’s first and only dynamic force brace for rehabilitating posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) ruptures, reflects the company’s Functional Healing approach to orthopaedic innovation, which focuses on developing proprietary technologies according to specific indication-based protocols and clinically relevant outcomes.

In his case study, Robert LaPrade, M.D., Ph.D., Complex Knee and Sports Medicine Surgeon at The Steadman Clinic, reports that use of the Rebound PCL brace helped aid an adult male gymnast recover after double bundle PCL reconstruction, a complete anatomic posterolateral corner knee reconstruction and a medial meniscus root repair following a severe varus noncontact injury. With full restoration of knee motion and complete healing of his PCL and PCL reconstructions, the patient had an excellent outcome and returned to a national level of competition just one year following his surgery.

According to Dr. LaPrade, PCL reconstruction recovery historically tends to stretch out over time due to the effects of gravity, but the Rebound PCL brace “negates the negative effects of gravity by applying an anterior translation force at higher knee flexion angles,” thereby protecting the PCL graft in early post-op applications.

“Patients with serious multiple ligament knee injuries can be restored back to high levels of activity with modern anatomic-based reconstructions. The additional use of the Rebound PCL brace facilitates a safe initiation of knee motion in the early postoperative period,” he concluded.

Other renowned clinicians who have contributed cases to the Rebound Bracing collection include:

  • Dr. Mats Brittberg, Professor, Region Halland Orthopedics at Kungsbaca Hospital, Sweden
  • Dr. Tobias Jung, Senior Physician, Section Head Knee Surgery and Sports Traumatology at Charité-University Medicine Berlin, Germany
  • Dr. Christos Kondogiannis, Orthopaedic Surgeon at Royal Melbourne Hospital St. Vincent’s Private Hospitals, Australia
  • Dr. Thomas Stein, Executive Senior Physician in the Department for Sport Traumatology at Berufsgenossenschaftliche Unfalklinik Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  • Dr. Peter Verdonk, full knee specialist at the Antwerp Orthopaedic Center, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at Antwerp University Hospital, Netherlands

The full collection of Rebound case studies is available online at

“The clinical community’s response to the current line of Rebound braces has been so overwhelmingly positive that we look forward to introducing additional Rebound products in the future, which will complement our Functional Healing products in the continuum of care,” Dr. Schulz said.