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Posted on Aug 18, 2017

Paxeon Reconstruction, a manufacturer of best-in-class orthopedic products including derivative and emerging products, announces that has successfully launched its High Offset (135º) Collared Origin HA Coated THA Stem.

Paxeon Reconstruction now offers the following options in it’s Origin HA THA Stem – 135º Standard Collared and Collarless, 135º High Offset Collared and Collarless, 125º Coxa Vara Collared – giving Paxeon Reconstruction 5 options (3 Collared, 2 Collarless) on its Origin Hip System.

“The goal in hip replacement is to restore the prediseased biomechanics of the hip.  Paxeon has released a lateralized collared stem which gives the surgeon an option to restore the native offset without lateralizing the center of rotation of the hip.  Paxeon has been very receptive in meeting the surgeons needs as demonstrated by bringing the lateralized collared stem to market” said Dr. Brian Rosenberg.

Kyle Sineath, President of Paxeon Reconstruction said: “The addition of a 135º Collared High Offset to our already proven hip implants is exciting for Paxeon. We strive to provide a complete portfolio for our successful Value Solutions Program to extend savings throughout the total joint continuum of care.”

“I am very pleased that Paxeon Reconstruction has addressed a specific need in total hip arthroplasty by producing the first truly collared lateral offset stem with impaction broaching technique using their Origin hip stem.  This new stem allows flexibility in hip arthroplasty that was previous unavailable in any stem using impaction broaching technique. It allows surgeons to adjust offset without changing neck angles or leg length so that we can better match the patient’s normal anatomy. This is just another example of Paxeon Reconstruction responding to surgeon needs in leading the way in total joint reconstruction innovation” said Dr. Kevin Pugh.

About Paxeon Reconstruction

Paxeon Reconstruction builds best-in-class orthopaedic products, including derivative and emerging products. We collaborate with hospitals, health systems and physicians to create alignment and utilization of value-based solutions combined with efficiency models for today’s changing healthcare environment. Paxeon Reconstruction offer the world’s most comprehensive portfolio of orthopaedic products and services for joint reconstruction. Paxeon Reconstruction has a celebrated clinical history, and has evolved to meet the needs of the changing orthopaedics marketplace. The history that weaves the fabric of the Paxeon Reconstruction is one that is rich with innovation and demonstrates sustained leadership in an ever-changing landscape of patient and professional needs.