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Posted on Jul 19, 2017

FREMONT, CA–(Marketwired – July 19, 2017) – PathPartner Technology Inc., a technology enabler in developing intelligent systems, announces a successful cadaveric study of Arthromeda’s ( innovative patient-specific hip alignment navigation product, Arthrosight-PS™.

In a recent press release, Arthromeda Inc., a developer of intelligent orthopedic navigation systems, announced the successful completion of cadaveric studies demonstrating the efficient performance of Arthrosight-PS™ at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and Medical Center (CCHMC, Cincinnati, OH). These cadaveric studies confirmed that the patient-specific Arthrosight-PS™ Hip Alignment System is an intuitive, all-in-one system for accurate implant positioning and providing real-time position angles (inclination and anteversion), leg-length and femoral offset difference measurements.

With an increase in the number of hip procedures, and 80% of them being represented by Total Hip Arthroplasty1; technology serves as a panacea to improve surgical methodologies and also as an enabler towards enhanced outcomes of surgeries. Accurate hip implant positioning is an extremely important criterion for patients, physicians, regulators and device companies. A device that enables the surgeons to perform accurate hip arthroplasty procedures with minimal interference in their work-flow is the need of the hour and this is being ably addressed by Arthrosight-PS™.

This was the result of an intense and ingenious design process, fabricated from Arthromeda’s intellectual property combined with their design input specifications and our talented team spanning the entire electronics engineering space that included hardware design, algorithms, firmware and application developments. PathPartner, with its vast experience in delivering state-of-the-art technologies from ideation to complete system solutions, provided critical support to build the platform that included MEMS sensors, laser sensors, photodiodes, wireless connectivity, Android applications and cloud solutions to provide an easy-to-use device in the operation-room offering accurate angular positioning (inclination and anteversion) and leg-length/femoral offset difference measurements.

“PathPartner has been a valuable partner to Arthromeda,” commented PJ Anand, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of Arthromeda. “We fully intend to leverage this relationship with the PathPartner team to expand the platform into knee and shoulder procedures.”

“The joint positioning system that offers four key measurements (with an accuracy of 2 degrees for inclination/anteversion and 2 millimeters for leg-length/femoral offset difference), without the need for costly capital equipment, is a game changer in helping surgeons and patients in hip arthroplasty procedures,” commented PathPartner Technology Senior Vice President Raman Narayan.

1: Source: Third Annual report of AJRR (American Joint Replacement Registry)

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