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Posted on Sep 06, 2017

September 06, 2017

CASTEL SAN PIETRO, Switzerland–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The number of surgeons adopting the anterior approach to hip replacement is on the rise, with an estimated 20 percent of hip surgeons now performing the procedure. Medacta International, the family-owned global leader in the design of innovative joint replacement and spine surgery products, is leading the charge in training and supporting surgeons transitioning to this muscle-sparing technique. Today, the company and the Medacta Orthopaedic Research and Education (M.O.R.E.) Institute announced the execution of the 250th M.O.R.E. AMIS® Learning Center, where surgeons from all over the world will come to learn Medacta’s Anterior Minimally Invasive Surgery (AMIS) technique, complete with a system of tools and educational resources designed to support surgeons practicing the anterior approach for hip replacement.

“The promotion of patient well-being through AMIS is a cornerstone of Medacta’s mission, as it exemplifies our belief that only with a strong focus on medical education can surgical innovation truly move the industry forward,” said Francesco Siccardi, Executive Vice President of Medacta International. “The patient-centric technique is also ideal for the outpatient or same-day surgery setting, providing more options for both surgeons and patients in today’s changing healthcare landscape.”

The AMIS technique, informed by decades of clinical experience, is a muscle-sparing approach to total hip replacement that is associated with potential positive patient outcomes like shorter hospitalization and rehabilitation time, as well as a faster return to daily activities.

Offered as part of the M.O.R.E. Institute, the M.O.R.E. AMIS Education Program is a comprehensive offering for surgeons seeking to become proficient in the technique, including ongoing medical education and dedicated implants and instruments. To date, more than 5,500 surgeons across 31 countries have received training through the program. At the end of 2016, that translated to more than 80,000 hours of proctoring and surgeon-to-surgeon mentoring. In the field, surgeons have performed more than 250,000 total hip replacements utilizing the AMIS platform so far.

“The anterior approach to hip replacement has also been gaining traction among patients who are attracted to the possibility of a faster recovery and return to their daily lives,” said Frédéric Laude, M.D., a pioneer of the technique from Paris, France. “There is a learning curve associated with the approach though, so both hands-on and technical support are crucial to success. The level of attention and support Medacta provides through its M.O.R.E. AMIS Education Program is unparalleled.”

The 250th M.O.R.E. AMIS Learning Center will be held September 15-16, 2017 in Chicago, IL, followed by a European installment September 25-26, 2017 in Basel, Switzerland. More information on the AMIS platform can be found at

About the M.O.R.E. AMIS Education Program

Education is the most crucial tool to drive clinical proficiency and innovation, as well as patient outcomes across the globe. To support positive outcomes in the operating room, Medacta created the AMIS Education Program, a comprehensive multistep training process within its M.O.R.E. Institute. The Program involves visiting a Reference Center to watch live surgery, attending a M.O.R.E. AMIS Learning Center, and ultimately performing surgery with support from an AMIS certified surgeon proctor. Throughout, product specialists and surgeons are available to provide mentorship and support. Approximately 85 percent of surgeons trained via the M.O.R.E. AMIS Education Program continue to use the approach once their training is complete.

About the M.O.R.E. Institute – “Where the surgeon is never alone”

Strongly aware of its role to provide continuing education as products and techniques evolve, Medacta International founded the Medacta Orthopaedic Research and Education (M.O.R.E.) Institute to highlight this commitment. Built on the ideal of sharing experience within the international medical community, the mission of the M.O.R.E. Institute is to provide ongoing support to Medacta partners worldwide as they strive to make an impact by learning about and adopting emerging technologies, surgical techniques and orthopaedic products. The Institute includes the M.O.R.E. AMIS Education Program for total hip arthroplasty, which has revolutionized the teaching of the anterior approach to hip replacement throughout the world, as well as platforms to impact the specialties of partial and total knee arthroplasty, total and reverse shoulder arthroplasty, sports medicine and spine surgery. The Institute relies on Medacta consultants and the healthcare provider community to create networking opportunities and hundreds of educational events, including courses, wet labs, scientific evenings, surgeon-to-surgeon visits, international symposia, guesting and hosting thousands of participants from all over the world. With a strong focus on young and promising surgeons, the M.O.R.E. Institute also supports fellowship programs worldwide.

About Medacta

Medacta® International is a world leading manufacturer of orthopedic implants, neurosurgical systems, and instrumentation. Medacta’s revolutionary approach and responsible innovation have resulted in standard of care breakthroughs in hip replacement with the AMIS®system and total knee replacement with MyKnee® patient matched technology. Over the last 10 years, Medacta has grown dramatically by taking a holistic approach and placing value on all aspects of the care experience from design to training to sustainability. Medacta is headquartered in Castel San Pietro, Switzerland, and operates in over 30 countries. To learn more about Medacta International, please visit or follow @Medacta on Twitter.


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