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Posted on Sep 15, 2017

San Daniele del Friuli, Udine, Italy – 14th September 2017 – Lima Corporate is pleased to announce that, in August, the SMR System reached the significant milestone of 100,000 shoulder prosthesis implanted worldwide. The SMR System is the first shoulder platform launched on the market in 2002, and it has since then encountered a huge success which has led to this important milestone.

The SMR has proven to be an effective and reliable shoulder implant appreciated by surgeons all over the world, thanks to the advantages provided by a modular solution. Together with the celebration of the 15th anniversary of the SMR System on the market and by launching the SMR Bone Graft Instruments and Lima Personalized Surgical Instruments (LPSI), Lima is positioned as the pioneer in modularity applied to shoulder replacement. The innovation and the versatility of the system are now complemented by the SMR Bone Graft Instruments and LPSI Shoulder guides combined with the preoperative planning software.

The SMR Modular Shoulder System is on the market since 2002 and has been developed with the support of several shoulder surgeons, led by Prof. Mario Randelli, from Humanitas Clinical Institute in Milan (Italy). The aim of the SMR System is to provide to surgeons a complete platform, where the modularity of the system allows intraoperative versatility and a simple conversion from anatomic to reverse, without removing the humeral stem and the Metal Back glenoid.

“SMR is the original shoulder modular platform system which is surgeon user-friendly and covers all options in shoulder arthroplasty, backed by excellent clinical results” said Mr. Peter Poon from North Shore Hospital in Auckland (New Zealand).

“I’ve been involved in the development of the SMR and I followed the evolution of the platform over the years, including the use of Trabecular Titanium for glenoid reconstruction. I strongly believe in the modular platform and the cementless use of the implant. I’ve been using the SMR since 2002 in over 600 patients with great clinical results” said Prof. Raffaele Russo from the Pellegrini Hospital in Naples (Italy).

“I started using the SMR as an alternative to the all poly cemented glenoid considering the excellent results published regarding the system. I have continued to use the SMR and subsequently, the Metal Back TT for the past five years because of the system’s versatility and ability it affords me to perform glenoid reconstructions I could not do with any other system”, said Dr. Kevin Setter from SUNY Upstate Medical University, Syracuse (US).

Luigi Ferrari, CEO of Lima Corporate, said about the milestone: “SMR System has been an important component of our growth since its launch on the market in 2002, and today we are proud to celebrate this milestone. SMR is the first shoulder platform with 15 years of clinical follow-up. We see growing excitement for it as we continue to develop innovative solutions to support our surgeon customers in their practice.”

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