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Posted on Nov 01, 2018

November 01, 2018

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–DJO, a leading provider of medical technologies designed to get and keep people moving, introduced the EMPOWR Porous™ Knee System and EMPOWR™ Complex Primary Knee System at the 2018 Annual Meeting of the American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons (AAHKS) today (Booth # 510). These new additions to the EMPOWR™ Knee Platform expand one of the industry’s most modern total knee replacement systems, which now offers primary, cementless primary, complex primary, and tibial revision solutions for surgeons and patients.

EMPOWR Porous Knee System is based on two decades of clinical experience and highly porous materials designed to enhance early implant fixation, while creating an ideal environment for both immediate and long-term biologic fixation.1 DJO’s industry leading surface coating technologies, including DJO’s proprietary, highly porous coating, P2™ aids in bone apposition for superior in-growth performance.1 EMPOWR Porous’ bladed keel has a bone sparing geometry optimized for cementless application.2 The bladed keel of the asymmetric baseplate was developed to provide robust fixation, while the cruciform pegs provide initial component fixation and durable rotational stability.2

EMPOWR Complex Primary Knee System, with the EMPOWR Universal Tibial Baseplate and EMPOWR Varus Valgus Constraint (VVC) Tibial Insert expand the utility of the EMPOWR Knee Platform and provide a wider range of solutions for complex primary and revision knee arthroplasty. These new implant technologies are designed to provide an efficient and seamless transition from standard primary to revision knee procedures, with a minimal number of additional instruments and trays. The EMPOWR Universal Tibial baseplate maintains the EMPOWR System’s characteristic asymmetric footprint which maximizes cortical coverage and prevents component overhang to ensure long-term fixation without tissue irritation4. This baseplate also provides the ability to stem and augment when more supplementary fixation is required. The VVC insert is offered in e+™ polyethene, formulated to reduce long-term wear3, while the insert is designed to provide the necessary support and stability in knees with supportive soft tissue deficiencies.

“DJO has a proven record of bringing high quality products to market with incredible cadence – faster than any other implant company today,” said Dr. Eugene S. Krauss, orthopedic surgeon with Northwell Health. “In 2018 alone, the EMPOWR Porous Knee and EMPOWR Complex Primary Knee launches have significantly expanded our ability to treat a wide variety of patients in our practices.”

“The efficiency of DJO’s instrument trays and the streamlined instrumentation enables my surgical team and I to perform up to 12 knee replacements in a single day, making the system well-suited for both hospital and ambulatory surgery center environments,” said Dr. Krauss.

Over the past decade, the science of highly porous metals, including DJO’s P2, has significantly advanced, helping to improve implant longevity and ultimately patient outcomes. These scientific advancements coupled with a younger, healthier patient population, have resulted in a resurgence of cementless knee arthroplasty. Therefore, the contemporary design of the EMPOWR Porous Knee, is certain to have a meaningful impact on the market.

“DJO Surgical’s strong growth over the past few years is a reflection of our commitment to developing products and solutions that help improve clinical outcomes and enhance patient experience,” said Jeffery A. McCaulley, Global President of DJO Surgical®. “Our continued expansion of the EMPOWR Platform reflects the overwhelmingly positive reaction we’ve received from surgeons and patients since the first EMPOWR Knee System was launched here at AAHKS in 2015.”

The complete line of products in the EMPOWR Platform include:

  • EMPOWR 3D Knee® System
  • EMPOWR PS Knee® System
  • EMPOWR CR Knee® System
  • EMPOWR Porous™ Knee System
  • EMPOWR™ Complex Primary Knee System

For more information about the EMPOWR Porous Knee System, the EMPOWR Complex Primary Knee System or the entire EMPOWR Knee Platform, visit or at AAHKS Booth # 510.

Dr. Eugene S. Krauss is a paid consultant for DJO® Global.


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