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Posted on Nov 02, 2017

Consensus Orthopedics, developer of the latest wearable technology, TracPatch™, has partnered with Neil Thomas and Peter Mackie of CUER, who have come together to cofound TracPatch Australia to distribute this wearable technology throughout Australia and New Zealand. The Australian market is in need of a device that will allow healthcare providers the ability to plan and monitor their patients’ orthopedic recovery. TracPatch can also be applied in ethics studies related to total knee replacements and in conjunction with sports injury reconstruction surgery.

Michael T. Droege, Vice President of Global Business Development, says “Just the idea that both Peter Mackie and Neil Thomas have collaborated together to put all of their career experiences to create TracPatch Australia is an amazing opportunity. We are extremely fortunate to have them as part of our global TracPatch team.”

TracPatch™ is revolutionizing evidence-based surgical care management in orthopedics. The changing dynamics of healthcare has called for transforming patient care through connected health solutions. TracPatch is a cutting-edge remote monitoring device designed to make recovering at home easily accessible, connected, and more predictable. The development of TracPatch, with its availability worldwide, will revolutionize the way data-capturing is used in orthopedics. Surgeons and healthcare providers will be able to monitor their patients in real time during the post-acute care period following surgery. Through data collection, monitoring, and analysis, TracPatch™ ensures patients will receive effective care based on their individual needs.

TracPatch Australia will be the official Australia and New Zealand distributor. TracPatch Australia aims to develop business opportunities throughout the Oceania region. Together, Consensus Orthopedics and Tracpatch Australia presented TracPatch at the Australian Orthopedic Association Annual Scientific Meeting on 8-12 October 2017. TracPatch was well received to the international audience as an exceptional solution to post-surgical monitoring in orthopedics and as a market leader in Australia.

Neil Thomas, Business Development Manager at CUER, says “The need for not only remote monitoring of patients but of evidence based care management makes TracPatch a truly unique product. Australia is ready for an innovative way to create new care standards in orthopedics and TracPatch can help alleviate costs and unnecessary burdens to our healthcare system.”

Peter Mackie, Principle at CUER, states “TracPatch can dramatically shift how healthcare providers approach total joint surgeries in the future. Being able to monitor your patients and proactively get ahead of potential issues involved during a post-acute care period is a tremendous advantage. We are excited to be offering this new product to all Australian healthcare providers and we are looking forward to the future of orthopedics.”

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About Consensus® Orthopedics, Inc.
Consensus Orthopedics was founded in 1992 as a medical device consulting company located in California. In 1996, Consensus Orthopedics acquired US Medical Products becoming a global manufacturer of reliable large joint orthopedic devices. Since 1996, Consensus Orthopedics has been providing the orthopedic industry with exceptional hip and knee joint replacement devices. Its signature knee system, the Consensus Knee System, has over 20 years of reliable and reproducible results. With a deep understanding of the orthopedic industry, Consensus launched its innovative TracPatch Technology division focusing on orthopedic wearable technology, which combines Consensus Orthopedics 25 years of orthopedic experience with innovative Big Data capabilities. TracPatch is a revolutionary new device empowering at-home patient recovery and remote monitoring for effective managed care. With a focus on evidence based medicine, Consensus Orthopedics is changing patient care and the future of orthopedics. Learn more at

About CUER Australia
CUER is a well connected and highly motivated company determined to be the market leaders in wearable technology in Australasia. CUER was founded with the purpose of developing business opportunities and sourcing new devices that are at the cutting edge of technology.