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Posted on Jun 26, 2018

Stamford, CT, June 26, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Dr. Brad Waddell is the first surgeon in Connecticut to offer HipAlign® for direct-anterior total hip replacement. HipAlign is a sensor-based navigation technology that helps surgeons perform precise and accurate hip replacement surgeries. The HipAlign system allows Dr. Waddell to offer his patients one of the most advanced surgical technologies available in Connecticut.

The HipAlign technology acts as a GPS for surgeons, using micro-electromechanical sensors like accelerometers and gyroscopes to guide hip replacement surgery, to ensure accuracy and alignment. All of this happens in a phone-like device that sits in the surgeon’s hands, and on their surgical instruments.

“Using HipAlign technology allows for accurate placement of the hip prosthesis by using patient’s individual pelvic anatomy,” said Dr. Waddell, Orthopedic Surgeon at Hospital for Special Surgery. “Cost-effective navigation and smart instrumentation like HipAlign is the future of technology in orthopedic surgery. It’s important in that the technology allows me to combine my clinical experience and decision making along with real-time data about my patient. The resulting precision may lead to improved outcomes for my patients.” Dr. Waddell works with OrthAlign in a personal capacity.

The HipAlign technology (manufactured by OrthAlign, Inc. a California-based company) launched in 2018, building on the legacy of KneeAlign®, a technology that has powered more than 75,000 surgeries to date.

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