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Posted on Nov 07, 2018

November 07, 2018

VISTA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–DJO®, a leading provider of medical technologies designed to get and keep people moving, announced the partnership with SirenMD, becoming the exclusive sales representative for SirenMD’s sports team market. SirenMD is a workplace collaboration platform designed to increase the quality, efficiency, and timeliness of medical decisions by facilitating coordinated communication between caregivers and patient advocates.

With this new partnership, DJO can now offer existing customers and sales channels a new and innovative coordinated care platform. SirenMD’s software provides more compliant, collaborative and efficient sharing and transfer of patient information. “We are excited to partner with SirenMD so we can provide even greater care to athletes and sports teams,” notes Michael McBrayer, SVP at DJO. “This platform enables care providers to quickly communicate with other healthcare providers on specific cases or patients, and still be HIPAA compliant.”

SirenMD aggregates injury data and provides redacted and confidential injury reports to the conference and member institutions. The platform will use its internal case data for specific injuries for a given set of teams. Injury patterns and frequency can be identified for all body parts, including: shoulder dislocations, knee ligament tears, and ankle sprains.

SirenMD is an app-based enabled platform featuring:

  • Case-based workflow in real-time to minimize costly workplace disruption
  • HIPAA secure infrastructure protects private, patient data
  • Centralized platform enables documentation of communications
  • Intuitive design allows for quick and easy prioritization
  • Timely coordination leads to faster and better care for patients

Of the partnership, Lee Kaplan, MD, CEO of SirenMD, said, “There is a very synergistic opportunity for both SirenMD and DJO. Through this partnership, we can now address some of the medical inefficiencies with a holistic communications platform and improve overall patient care.”

The new partnership begins immediately. Please contact Brian Moore (DJO) or Andrew Willert (SirenMD) for more information.

About DJO

DJO is a leading global developer, manufacturer and distributor of high-quality medical devices that provide solutions for musculoskeletal health, vascular health and pain management. The Company’s products address the continuum of patient care from injury prevention to rehabilitation after surgery, injury or from degenerative disease, enabling people to regain or maintain their natural motion. Its products are used by orthopedic specialists, spine surgeons, primary care physicians, pain management specialists, physical therapists, podiatrists, chiropractors, athletic trainers and other healthcare professionals.

In addition, many of the Company’s medical devices and related accessories are used by athletes and patients for injury prevention and at-home physical therapy treatment. The Company’s product lines include rigid and soft orthopedic bracing, hot and cold therapy, bone growth stimulators, vascular therapy systems and compression garments, therapeutic shoes and inserts, electrical stimulators used for pain management and physical therapy products. The Company’s surgical division offers a comprehensive suite of reconstructive joint products for the hip, knee and shoulder. DJO Global’s products are marketed under a portfolio of brands including Aircast®, Chattanooga®, CMF™, Compex®, DonJoy®, ProCare®, DJO Surgical®, Dr. Comfort® and Exos®. Visit

About SirenMD

SirenMD is a workplace collaboration platform designed to increase the quality, efficiency, and documentation of medical decisions. The platform allows medical professionals (such as physicians, athletic trainers, and physical therapists) in a variety of specialties to better coordinate and document critical interactions related to patient health. SirenMD envisions a world where caregivers at all levels are able to connect and collaborate quickly and securely. Such coordination allows for faster decision-making, fewer headaches, and, ultimately, better care. Founded by physicians, and led by healthcare and technology experts, SirenMD’s team is focused on delivering valuable clinical workflow tools to all healthcare teams. Visit

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