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Posted on Oct 25, 2017

VGI Medical, LLC, a privately held medical device company specializing in unique spinal implants, today announced the full the commercial launch of the VerteLP® Lateral Interbody Fusion System.

VerteLP was designed to address many of clinical challenges that surgeons face such as insufficient fixation of the implant or interference with pedicle screws. The system was designed to be minimally invasive and anatomy preserving all while decreasing operating room time due to the reduction in the number of surgical steps and instruments required to insert the implant.

“We have been thrilled by the feedback and clinical outcomes during our alpha launch and we are excited to launch VerteLP to a wider audience,” said Tov Vestgaarden, president and chief executive officer of VGI Medical. “Our goal is create innovative solutions that solve clinical problems for surgeons and improve patient outcomes and we believe we have achieved that with VerteLP.”

VerteLP Advantages

  • Biomechanics – First of its kind bilateral plate fixation limits axial rotation and lateral bending, increasing stability of the segment
  • OR Efficiency – Reduction in OR time due to fewer instruments and surgical steps required to insert cage and lateral plating when compared to other lateral systems
  • Anatomy Preserving – Unlike competitive systems, the VerteLP lateral plating fixation does not compromise the endplates or vertebral bodies
  • Avoids Pedicle Screws – VerteLP lateral plating does not interfere with the placement of pedicle screws in primary cases or at adjacent levels where prior hardware is in place

VGI Medical 2017 North American Spine Society (NASS) Meeting

VGI Medical will display their flagship Sacroiliac (SI) Joint system, SiJoin® Direct Posterior Fusion, best-in-class VerteLoc® Posterolateral Fusion, and the all new VerteLP® Lateral Interbody Fusion System in Booth #1709 at the 2017 NASS Meeting held October 25-28, 2017 in Orlando, Florida.

About VGI Medical, LLC

VGI Medical (VGI), founded in 2007 based on an invention developed by Tov Vestgaarden, PhD, is an innovative medical device company focused on using its industry knowledge and creative thinking to develop and commercialize a broad range of advanced, high-performance and innovative spinal implants. VGI developed its first product, the VerteLoc® Minimally Invasive Spine Stabilization System, to overcome the limitations of currently available implants. Applying the principles of this success, VGI Medical added SiJoin® to its product line in 2013 for Sacroiliac fusion and introduced the truly unique VerteLP® in early 2016. For more information, please visit