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Posted on Nov 07, 2018

VGI Medical is dedicated to creating the next generation of spinal implants and procedures to improve the quality of life for its patients. To do so, VGI Medical is excited to announce the completion of the renovation of its corporate headquarters in Largo, FL. To enhance the training experience for surgeons and distributors, the renovation included the creation of a world-class lab as a focal point of the building.

VGI Medical was founded in 2007 based on an invention developed by Tov Vestgaarden, PhD. It has become a leader in bringing innovation to the market including VerteLoc, CerLoc, SiJoin and VerteLP. The VerteLoc system is specifically designed to stabilize and fuse the facet joint by utilizing a unique patented dual geometric design to limit motion of the affected spinal segment. Applying the principles of this success, VGI Medical has added SiJoin for Sacroiliac Fusion. VerteLP is one of the latest innovations offering an improved implant for lateral procedures featuring its proprietary Talon Technology.

VGI Medical has a robust product pipeline ahead and is looking to continue to provide world-class service offered to its surgeon partners. With an open-door policy, the new buildout encourages surgeons, distributors and hospital administrators alike to gain first-hand experience with this compelling product portfolio.

“An inhouse training facility gives us the ability to quickly respond to a surgeon’s always-changing schedule,” said Tov Vestgaarden, cofounder and CEO of VGI Medical.

“With the growing number of players in the spine market, it is not enough to simply have unique products.  To differentiate ourselves further from the competition, we wanted to create an environment that caters to the development of long-term relationships with our surgeon and distributor partners.  We believe with the completion of the renovations, and more specifically the surgical skills lab, we have the additional means to foster those relationships,” said Mike Anderson, President of VGI Medical.


About VGI Medical

VGI Medical is a disruptive force in the spinal implant industry by creating four unique technologies specifically designed to enhance patient outcomes and improve the overall surgeon experience. Our calling is to provide the ideal solution to each clinical challenge faced with the existing technologies on the market today. With over 12,500 implants used since our inception, our implants and instruments have been thoroughly tested with exceptional results.