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Posted on Nov 14, 2017

NEW YORKNov. 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Russo Partners LLC and Medovex Corp. (NASDAQ: MDVX) have teamed to call attention to the need for new treatments for chronic back pain and the Company’s innovative solution known as the DenerveX® System. Currently approved for use outside of the U.S., DenerveX is a new device designed to enable doctors to provide patients with enduring relief of back pain caused by Facet Joint Syndrome.

The Medovex public relations initiatives include an extensive video campaign featuring spine surgeons worldwide. Wilcots, an NFL broadcaster, former professional football player and leader of Russo Partners’ Sports-Health Alliance, recently interviewed doctors at the EUROSPINE 2017 annual meeting in Dublin and the North American Spine Society (NASS) conference in Orlando, where he also taped a demonstration of the DenerveX System in use in a surgical cadaver lab. Russo Partners and Medovex will integrate the content into ongoing social and traditional media initiatives this quarter as Medovex continues its country-by-country roll-out of the medical technology.

“Solomon has the natural ability to bring professionals together and craft medical stories in a natural and impactful manner,” said Patrick Kullmann, president and COO of Medovex. “We look forward to using the output of his work to increase the visibility and awareness of what we are doing at Medovex to transform how surgeons and pain management physicians treat a common source of chronic back pain. This is a meaningful change with our DenerveX system that is focused on long-term relief.”

Wilcots added, “Chronic back pain, including that caused by Facet Joint Syndrome, is common among former professional athletes. The opportunity presented by the DenerveX System is one of giving people back quality of life without reliance on prescriptive pain relief medicines. This is exciting technology about which physicians were eager to speak with me and share their perspectives on how it will change their practices and patients’ lives. We will continue with these initiatives throughout 2018.”

The DenerveX System is a non-addictive opioid drug alternative capable of restoring a patient to a more normal and active lifestyle. It was designed by medical professionals for medical professionals to enhance a patient’s quality of life. Using highly differentiated technology, the DenerveX System denervates and removes capsular tissue from the facet joint in one single procedure. Treatment results from the combined effect of a deburring or polishing action and radio frequency ablation treatment on the facet joint. Using this new technique, the slowly rotating burr removes the targeted facet joint synovial membrane and joint surface while the heat ablation destroys tissue and denudes any residual nervous and synovial membrane overlying the joint, removing the end point sensory tissue of the joint. To learn more about the DenerveX System, visit

Facet Joint Syndrome (FJS), also known as spinal osteoarthritis, spinal arthritis, or facet joint osteoarthritis, is a significant health and economic problem in countries worldwide, including the U.S. and countries in the EU. This condition affects millions of people each year, and current treatment options are generally temporary with no proven long-lasting option.

About Medovex

Medovex Corp. was formed to acquire and develop a diversified portfolio of potentially ground breaking medical technology products. Criteria for selection include those products with potential for significant improvement in the quality of patient care combined with cost effectiveness. The Company’s first pipeline product, the DenerveX System, is intended to provide long lasting relief from pain associated with Facet Joint Syndrome at significantly less cost over time than currently available options. To learn more about Medovex, visit

About Russo Partners’ Sports-Health Alliance

The Sports-Health Alliance is an award-winning public relations service at the intersection of health, medicine and sports. Launched by Russo Partners in 2017, this offering leverages the agency’s inside access to athletes, broadcasters and sports business leaders who have a shared passion with their clients for a disease or treatment. The Alliance was cultivated over a two-year span and involves Russo Partners’ Team Leader Solomon Wilcots. Visit for more information.

About Russo Partners

Since 1988, Russo Partners, formerly Noonan/Russo Communications, has provided public and investor relations and corporate communications services to both emerging and established healthcare and technology-centric companies worldwide. The agency’s staff is comprised of senior executives with extensive backgrounds in science, medicine, finance and communications. Visit for more information.


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