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Posted on Oct 23, 2017

Lacey Jones/October 23, 2017

RTI Surgical’s spine sales & marketing teams hosted a Spine Symposium and Cadaveric Training in Las Vegas on September 16, 2017. This symposium – which was the second spine-focused symposium of the year – provided orthopedic and neurological spine surgeons from across the U.S. with key information related to RTI implants and instrumentation.

Attendees were able to gain hands-on experience with RTI’s recently-introduced TETRAfuse® 3D Technology, which provides surgeons a solution they have been seeking. TETRAfuse 3D Technology is the first 3D printed polymer implant material that has demonstrated trabecular bone ingrowth while maintaining radiolucency and bone-like mechanical properties*.

TETRAfuse 3D Technology was developed to offer surgeons an interbody material that participates in the fusion process while maintaining bone-like mechanical properties and radiolucent imaging. Bringing these features together combines the osseointegrative advantages of titanium and allograft bone with the benefits surgeons experience with PEEK. RTI will soon announce the release of a family of products manufactured with TETRAfuse 3D Technology, providing a platform that will have many derivative products.