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Posted on Apr 09, 2018

Ortho Sales Partners, the global leader in commercialization services for the orthopedic industry, is pleased to announce a tremendous addition to the executive team. In an effort to serve clients from inception through exit, Ortho Sales Partners has recruited Chris Lyons to serve as its Vice President of Exit Strategy. Mr. Lyons will be a vital component of any client’s project as he will help create and guide the overall strategy and work on client’s behalf during possible transaction discussions.

Mr. Lyons career began at Smith and Nephew in 1989. While at SNN, he held numerous marketing roles, driving product launches, engaging surgeons, and creating intellectual property predominantly in the companies Knee and Hip product lines.  Additionally, he spent two years in the Smith and Nephew Sales Force to learn the underpinnings of what made the organization successful.

In 2005, Chris joined Medtronic Spine and Biologics, with the first three years being focused on driving growth of the International biologics business of Medtronic.  The opportunity presented itself to move into the realm of Business Development where he served the past 10 years. During this time, Mr. Lyons worked with all of the executive and cross functional leadership to transact various acquisitions, minority investments, as well as license and distribution agreements.  Chris was also selected to join the Board of the Southeast Medical Device Association (SEMDA) of which he remains a contributor, also serving as Chairman of the board for SEMDA for 2016.

With a highly driven, passionate, and entrepreneurial spirit, Chris is excited to be joining the ranks of Ortho Sales Partners as Vice President of Exit Strategy to assist this growing team of industry experts to influence positive commercialization and exit outcomes for Med Tech and Device companies. Chris will work closely with Venture Capital, Private Equity  and other companies focused on successfully exiting. Chris can provide Strategic Guidance, Gap Analysis, M&A consultation and will help implement general strategies that help the shareholders to maximize their return during due diligence and negotiations.

About his new role, Chris Lyons said: “The power of Ortho Sales Partners is their leadership. They have developed a game changing business based on integrity to positively influence better outcomes for medical device companies, which in turn has the possibility to influence greater innovation and healthcare delivery to the market in a timely manner.  I am excited to be part of this team of industry experts.”

“Chris Lyons is extremely well respected and we are thrilled that he has chosen to join our team of the industries most talented and experienced leaders. Ortho Sales Partners continues to demonstrate its commitment to excellence and our team has just gotten demonstrably stronger. We are now able to help companies successfully navigate from early commercialization through exit.” Said Kevin McGann, CEO of Ortho Sales Partners.

About Ortho Sales Partners

Ortho Sales Partners has created a unique platform to help companies in any stage commercialize their products in a very efficient way. We have worked closely with many organizations and produced results that have profoundly impacted each client’s business.

Our services are geared to meet you where you are today and help your business grow by utilizing proven industry executives that bring you an objective analysis and recommendations going forward. Our market knowledge is based on current trends and competitive analysis from industry stalwarts from some of the highest growth companies.

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