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Posted on Feb 19, 2018

February 19, 2018

NOBLESVILLE, Ind.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nexxt Spine, LLC, a medical device company focused on designing, manufacturing, and distributing innovative spinal solutions, today announced the milestone of the 250th implantation of the NEXXT MATRIXX® System.

Launched in 2017 the NEXXT MATRIXX® System is a collection of 3D printed porous titanium interbodies that leverages Nexxt generation technology to create interbody and VBR devices with optimized open architectural porosity, residue-free surface technology, and robust radiographic imaging performance.

“It is exciting to review the images surgeons are submitting showing the level of bone formation 12 weeks post-operative,” stated Nexxt Spine President, Andy Elsbury. Mr. Elsbury continued, “Multiple surgeons are taking so much pride in the results they are achieving.”

One of the first implantations of the NEXXT MATRIXX System® was conducted by Dr. George Picetti, Orthopedic Surgeon with Sutter Medical Group in Sacramento, California. “I am particularly pleased with the bone formation and cage integration I have seen in my twelve-week follow-up appointments with the NEXXT MATRIXX® Interbody System,” remarked Dr. Picetti.

Mr. Elsbury also stated, “Another pleasantly surprising trend since launch is how quickly surgeons progressed from initial cervical usage to the lumbar interbodies. Surgeons have moved to the NEXXT MATRIXX® System being their standard of care now that they have seen the post-operative results.”

Dr. Michael McNamara, Orthopedic Surgeon with the Bone and Joint Institute of Tennessee, was also one of the first surgeons to implant the device. “The surgeries have gone extremely well. The instrumentation is intuitive and allows me to accurately place the implants,” said Dr. McNamara.

The first products to feature the NEXXT MATRIXX® technology are available for both cervical and lumbar indications in an assortment of height, length, width and lordotic angulation combinations to accommodate the unique anatomic and clinical circumstances of each patient. The NEXXT MATRIXX® System will launch additional product lines in 2018.

About Nexxt Spine

Nexxt Spine, LLC is a medical device company focused on designing, manufacturing, and distributing innovative spinal solutions. The company is dedicated to increasing efficiency and patient outcomes through the development of new and innovative products. Nexxt Spine manufactures on the most technologically advanced platforms in order to treat painful and debilitating spinal injuries. Nexxt Spine is located in Noblesville, Indiana where all spinal implants and 95% of surgical instruments are manufactured in a state of the art facility.


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