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Posted on Oct 09, 2017

Nanovis Spine CEO Matt Hedrick recently sat down to speak with ODT about our commitment to developing innovative products to improve patient care and outcomes (full article attached).

“With an approximately 10 percent rate of lumbar non-fusions, we feel this area is where we can do the most good. Nanovis’ deeply porous titanium scaffolded FortiCore implant systems provide high fixation strength in a short timespan compared to PEEK, plasma-sprayed PEEK, or allograft…” Hedrick said.

The advantages of FortiCore® include:

#deeply porous interconnected titanium scaffold

#intermolded PEEK-Optima® core by InVibio with benefits of modulus and imaging

#resistance to abrasion and delamination (rebar in concrete concept)

#published pre-clinical data showing statistically significant superiority vs. PEEK, Allograft, and Plasma Spray

“Our next technology upgrade for this market is a patented nanotube surface that offers the potential to further enhance the interface with bone that our entire line of spinal implants offers surgeons. Combining these technologies provides Nanovis and our distributor partners an entire portfolio of highly-advanced and highly-differentiated products.”

Nanovis is actively recruiting independent distributors to give more patients, physicians, and providers access to our science enhanced, meaningfully differentiated technology platforms.

To learn more, please contact, or visit us at Booth# 762 at the North American Spine Society meeting October 25-28, 2017 in Orlando.