Nanovis, a leader in nanomedicine for the spine, today announced adding 22mm and 25mm lengths to its FortiCore® rotatable Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion (PLIF) devices.

With over 5,000 FortiCore interbodies now implanted, Nanovis plans to further accelerate its technology driven growth with the expansion of their FortiCore PLIF product line with the addition of 22 mm and 25 mm lengths that can be rotated in situ for optimal placement.

“Many of our customers asked for these new sizes so they could treat their lumbar patients after using FortiCore in the cervical spine. Our surgeon customers have converted from titanium, PEEK, plasma sprayed PEEK, and allograft for the benefit of a deeply porous interconnected titanium scaffold to secure the implant and the benefit of a PEEK core to visualize bridging bone. They’ve been very pleased with their patient’s results and are asking for more lumbar FortiCore options because of the difficulties in assessing and achieving the best outcomes with other interbody technologies.” said Matt Hedrick, CEO, Nanovis. FortiCore® interbody fusion devices are comprised of a deeply porous titanium scaffold designed to assist in securing the implant in the intervertebral space. The scaffold is intermolded with PEEK Optima® by InVibio to allow bridging bone visualization. This unique combination of technologies is designed to increase positive outcomes in spinal fusion procedures with the imaging capabilities preferred by surgeons. “These FortiCore sizes complete our lumbar TLIF and PLIF offering. Nanovis is growing quickly with the best technology portfolio for our distributors to build their revenue and their surgeon relationships. The science driven innovation and potential to help patients has helped achieve favorable hospital access as a technology product. Distributors interested in the best possible fixation technology should reach out to me at,” said Jeff Shepherd, VP of Sales, Nanovis. Nanovis’ technology driven growth strategy is based on its FortiCore, nanotube, and NanoPEEK fixation technology platform and it’s bactericidal nanotube and infection prevention and treatment technology platform. The FortiCore scaffold, sold in other orthopedic markets as the OsteoSync™ scaffold by the inventors of the technology, Sites Medical, shows positive results and attractive sales growth. Combined, these technologies provide exceptional fixation capability that supports years of spine and orthopedic implant upgrades, patient benefits, and technology driven sales growth. For more information about Nanovis, FortiCore or other proprietary Nanovis science-enhanced technologies, please visit us

About Nanovis:

Nanovis’ mission is to develop science-enhanced, life-improving technologies. The Company’s patented and
proprietary regenerative technology platforms provide differentiated surface advantages enabling the potential for existing medical devices to achieve new outcomes. Focused on aggressive, sustainable growth across multiple markets, Nanovis is commercializing science-driven platforms: the deeply porous scaffold currently available with the FortiCore® line of interbody fusion devices; an advanced nanotube surface; and a nanotube surface technology with anti-colonization and anti-microbial capabilities in pre-clinical studies.