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Posted on Mar 27, 2018

March 27, 2018

HUNTLEY, Ill.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Life Spine, a medical device company that designs, develops, manufactures and markets products for the surgical treatment of spinal disorders today announced the launch of the minimally disruptive procedural solution with CENTERLINE Cortical Screw System and the PROLIFT Expandable Spacer System.

PROLIFT allows for in-situ disc height restoration, for Micro-Invasive PLIF, TLIF and oblique approaches. PROLIFT, which incorporates the proprietary surface technology OSSEO-LOC™, provides the surgeon the ability to restore normal spinal pelvic parameters with the multiple lordotic options, while continuing to build upon the patented Micro-Invasive expandable technologies at Life Spine.

CENTERLINE is a 4.75mm diameter rod system developed for cortical or pedicular fixation. In conjunction with the CALYPSO™ Retractor System, CENTERLINE is designed to minimize the lateral retraction requirements to reduce the risk of denervation of the neurovascular attachments of the multifidus so as to retain paraspinal muscle integrity.

Bryan B. Barnes, MD of the Georgia Neurological Surgery & Georgia Comprehensive Spine in Athens, Georgia notes, “Micro-Invasive, or minimally disruptive surgery, is a highly studied and tenured approach for most spine surgeons. As with most technologies, spine surgery is an ever-evolving practice, facilitated by advancements in medical implant design and access options. As static interbody devices are being supplanted in my practice by expandable options such as the PROLIFT device from Life Spine, so are tried and true posterior fixation options. CENTERLINE and its cobalt chrome components, provide a lower profile and enhanced material option so as to reduce iatrogenic impact to the muscles and surround structures while maintaining the stability associated with earlier, larger systems. Expandable interbody cages like PROLIFT reduce the number of instrument passes by important neural structures, while allowing me to tailor the height and sagittal correction to the patient’s needs, even in severely collapsed disc spaces.” Dr. Barnes additionally notes, “Minimally disruptive approaches continue to be an important facet of my surgical procedures, including those performed at ambulatory centers. Providing positive patient outcomes has been the cornerstone of my research that has shown a significant decrease in complication rates over time when spine surgery is performed at an ASC.”

About Life Spine

Life Spine is dedicated to improving the quality of life for spinal patients by increasing procedural efficiency and efficacy through innovative design, uncompromising quality standards, and the most technologically advanced manufacturing platforms. Life Spine, which is privately held, is based in Huntley, Illinois. For more information, please visit:

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