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Posted on Dec 04, 2017

OR AKIVA, IsraelDec. 4, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Expanding Orthopedics Inc. (EOI), a privately held medical device company focused on developing and commercializing innovative expandable devices for spine surgery, is proud to announce that Dr. Adam Lewis of Jackson MS is the first surgeon in Mississippi to adopt the FLXfit™ 3D Expandable Cage as his treatment of choice for MIS TLIF procedures. Dr. Lewis is a prominent neurosurgeon and founder of the Jackson Neurosurgery Clinic in Jackson MS.  He is a pioneer in MIS spine surgery and leads the shift to less invasive fusion procedures.

Dr. Lewis stated “The spine market is shifting towards MIS outpatient care. Instrumentation, implants, and techniques need to rapidly evolve to enable this revolution.” He commented, “I am a great believer in expandable cages, especially for MIS procedures where surgical access is limited. A low profile implant which can be easily inserted and expands in-situ is critical to obtain the best outcome.” Dr. Lewis noted, “Most expandable cages I have used provide only a partial solution as they have a small footprint and expand only in one plane. They don’t offer sufficient support and sagittal balance restoration.”

Dr. Lewis further explains, “The FLXfit™ family of expanding TLIF cages are ideal for MIS fusion surgery as they enable a best in class expandable cage through a small tube. The unique articulation feature allows me to place a traditional linear shape cage through a tube and achieve an ALIF like footprint.  This minimizes blood loss and surgical trauma while offering the best possible outcome.”  He concluded, “The initial observations on my first series of patients show very promising results. I now have the ability to dial-in up to 15 degrees of lordosis and significantly restore the natural lumbar curve.  Additionally, patients have a much larger, more stable implant which reduced pain and provide faster return to normal daily activities.”

Ofer Bokobza, CEO of Expanding Orthopedics, commented “We are honored to work with Dr. Lewis.  Engaging with a leading MIS surgeon    like Dr. Lewis provides us with a collaborative expertise that enhances our ability to continuously improve the system”. Ofer noted “Dr. Lewis’ choice to employ FLXfit™ for his MIS fusion surgery helps validate our mission to restore and retain lumbar lordosis and be a prominent leader in addressing sagittal balance.

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Expanding Orthopedics Inc. is medical device company developing and marketing innovative products designed to address unmet clinical needs for spine care and improve long-term patients’ outcome. The Company is spearheaded by a seasoned management team, and is advised by a prominent team of spine surgeons. EOI owns a broad patent portfolio around anatomically fit, expandable devices for enhanced stability through a minimally invasive approach.

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