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Posted on Mar 20, 2018

NEW YORKMarch 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Centinel Spine, LLC is pleased to announce that it has entered into an endorsement agreement with four time PGA Tour Winner, Brian Gay.  This partnership brings together two leaders in their field, with the goal of educating high performing individuals that spinal injury and disease does not require living with pain or negatively affect an active lifestyle.  This collaboration will demonstrate to patients throughout the world that the lumbar and cervical products provided by Centinel Spine have the potential to give them back their life.

Centinel Spine, the pioneer of the No-Profile®, Integrated Interbody™ has a 30 year global clinical history of success behind these devices for treatment of degenerative disc disease.  The company recently announced the acquisition of the worldwide assets of the prodisc® Total Disc Replacement portfolio. The prodisc line of products represents the most extensive total disc replacement (TDR) portfolio in the world with the longest history of use.  The acquisition is the next step in the evolution of Centinel Spine executing on its mission to become the worldwide leading company addressing spinal disease through anterior access to the spine with the widest breadth and depth of technology platforms.

The partnership with PGA Tour golfer Brian Gay opens up a new type of athlete and patient population that Centinel Spine Chairman & CEO John Viscogliosi can reach and educate.  “Centinel Spine’s mission is to address spinal disease and allow individuals to continue to function at a high level, even after major spine surgery,” said Viscogliosi.  “The prodisc system was purposefully designed to allow patients to return to their lives faster and with the peace of mind that the implant will restore natural motion for the long-term.  Centinel Spine is proud to be partnered with Brian Gay.”

“I was in constant pain.  It started to affect my daily life and I was unable to play golf.  My doctor told me I had two options, a fusion or a total disc replacement. I knew I wanted a total disc replacement in order to maintain my range of motion and continue to function at a high level,” said Brian Gay.  “As a professional golfer, I had confidence in the Centinel Spine prodisc system based on its inherent stability and long term history of success.  Stability was especially important considering my extensive physical activities.  The fact that prodisc has been implanted for nearly 30 years without any major issues helped make for an easy decision.”

Spine surgeon Robert L. Masson M.D. (Masson Spine Institute, Orlando FL) specializes in complex spinal disorders and reconstructed Brian’s spine using the Centinel Spine prodisc Total Disc Replacement system.  Dr. Masson is a passionate advocate for extreme recovery from spinal injury and is committed to helping his patients achieve full return to all of life’s activities after spinal surgery.  “Brian came to me with excruciating and disabling pain and understood that return to the highest level of golf meant a disc replacement solution along with a commitment to rigorous rehabilitation,” Masson said.  “The prodisc system is a spine reconstruction solution that preserves patient functionality and returns patients like Brian to the highest level of activity.”

In 2018-2019, Brian will be wearing the Centinel Spine logo on his apparel and golf bag at PGA tour events worldwide, and his image and likeness will be utilized in Centinel Spine marketing material.  For updates on Centinel Spine, you may visit our web site ( or other social media outlets.

About Centinel Spine, LLC.

Centinel Spine, LLC. is a privately-held spinal device company leading the development and commercialization of the No-Profile, Integrated Interbody fusion technologies. The company recently acquired the prodisc® Total Disc Replacement portfolio, an extensive cervical and lumbar disc replacement platform with the longest history of global clinical use.  For more information on Centinel Spine products and technologies, please visit the Company’s website at

The company began operations in August 2008, through the merger-acquisition of two pioneering medical device companies: Raymedica LLC and Surgicraft LTD. Today, Centinel Spine still embraces the pioneering culture developed at both originating companies and continues its corporate mission of becoming the leading anterior column reconstruction spine franchise, providing elegantly simple implants and instruments that are tissue-sparing and generate superior clinical outcomes.

Centinel Spine derived its name from the “Sentinel Sign” the radiographic confirmation of a successful fusion anterior to the interbody device.

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