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Posted on Jul 27, 2017

WAYNE, Pa.July 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Camber Spine Technologies, today announced that they have exceeded 150 implantations of the ENZA™ Zero-Profile ALIF device that was launched last July.

“We have been doing anterior spine reconstructions for over 20 years and have used a lot of different ALIF devices,” said Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Steven B. Wolf, M.D. of OIP in Camp Hill, PA. “I have extensive experience using the Globus Independence®, Zimmer-LDR ROI-A® and other ALIF devices from Renovis and Titan Spine.  The ENZA™ has been an indispensable alternative to all those implants. I can insert ENZA™ and deploy fixation with one instrument and I have the reassurance that I can easily remove it if needed. With the insertion of ENZA™ the patient’s spine feels immediate stabilization, especially if they need to be flipped for posterior instrumentation. Our access surgeon loves this implant, because it makes his job much easier. ENZA’s™ single instrument deployment, without extra retraction of the vessels, eliminates the need for passing multiple locking instrumentation required by other devices.”

ENZA™ was designed to increase patient safety by minimizing retraction necessary for implantation of the device, utilizing its integrated fixation. It is often described as “designed for the access surgeon” because of its completely inline instrumentation–which relieves the burden that other systems induce by requiring larger retraction to accommodate angled instrumentation.

“We are very excited to achieve this important milestone in the initial launch of the ENZA™ ALIF,” said Daniel Pontecorvo, Camber Spine’s CEO. The overwhelming interest and success of ENZA™ reaffirms our plan to make this the first of an entire platform of products utilizing our patented ENZA™ Duo Presa™ (Two Grips) Anchor Technology. Surgeons assert that it is a simpler, safer and more stable alternative to all other locking ALIF devices.”

This achievement comes at an inflexion point for Camber Spine, as they continue to expand sales into new territories of the U.S with new hires.

The Camber Spine Technologies ENZA™ MIS Zero-Profile Anterior Interbody Fusion is indicated for use with autogenous bone graft in patients with degenerative disc disease (DDD) at one or two contiguous levels from L2 to S1. These implants may be implanted via a laparoscopic or an open anterior approach. The Camber Spine Technologies’ ENZA™ MIS Zero-Profile ALIF is intended to be used with additional FDA-cleared supplementary fixation systems.

About Camber Spine

Camber Spine Technologies, LLP, is a fast-growing musculoskeletal implant company founded in 2010 bringing innovative, best-in-class products to the market, providing surgeons and their patients with better treatment options. The company is committed to delivering surgeon inspired new technologies to the spine market. Camber is an ISO 13485 certified medical device company. Camber Spine Technologies, located in Wayne, Pennsylvania, markets a line of proprietary musculoskeletal products nationwide through its exclusive distributor, S1 Spine. For further information please visit . For inquiries about ENZA® or distribution opportunities please call 484.427.7060.

All of Camber Spine Technologies’ products are proudly MADE IN THE USA.

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