Arkansas Surgical Hospital is now offering patients who suffer from neck and arm pain a new, minimally-invasive procedure. The prodisc C Anterior Cervical Total Disc Replacement surgery uses a ball-and-socket implant designed to maintain range of motion in the spine while removing the patient’s diseased disc.

“This procedure is similar to the way we’ve been replacing hips and knee joints over the years,” said Phillip M. Porcelli, D.O., FACOS. “Applying this same technique to the spine allows us to address the patient’s back pain without impeding their mobility or range of motion. We’re able to replace a degenerated or diseased disc with an artificial implant that improves the patient’s natural spinal motion.”

The prodisc system is the most studied Total Disc Replacement System in the United States. Over 200 peer-reviewed studies have been conducted on the system. The initial prodisc C IDE clinical study evaluated the prodisc C Total Disc Replacement surgery compared to spinal fusion surgery. The study demonstrated that prodisc C surgery is a safe and effective alternative to fusion surgery for qualified patients.

“Before total disc replacement became available our options were often limited,” said Dr. Porcelli. “We would have to remove the diseased disc and fuse the vertebrae above and below together. This left the patient with reduced range of motion and increased the likelihood of more spine surgeries.”

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