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Posted on Oct 04, 2017

DALLASOct. 4, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — 4WEB Medical, the industry leader in 3D printed implant technology, has announced the launch of its next generation interbody fusion product line for anterior lumbar spine procedures.  The new release of the Anterior Spine Truss System recently received FDA clearance for several impactful line extensions along with some key new indications for use and design enhancements.

“As the first ever FDA cleared additive manufactured spine implant, the original Anterior Spine Truss System paved the way for a new paradigm in implant technology,” said Jim Bruty, Sr. Vice President of Sales and Marketing at 4WEB Medical.  “The latest edition of the Anterior Spine Truss System builds upon 6 years of successful clinical use with a variety of upgrades that position it as the most advanced anterior interbody solution on the market today.”

The Anterior Spine Truss System features an array of new hyperlordotic options in 16, 20, and 25 degree angles and offset insertion functionality has been added for optimal oblique positioning of the device.  4WEB’s new clearance also includes an indication for allogenic bone graft in addition to autograft.  The key differentiator for the product remains the proprietary truss design that provides a more stimulative and stable environment for fusion than competitive annular designs across the industry.

“The hyperlordotic anterior lumbar offering demonstrates 4WEB’s commitment to further expand their market leading truss technology platform,” said Bobby Kalantar, M.D., orthopedic surgeon at Medstar Georgetown. “The new hyperlordotic footprints allow for greater anterior sagittal balance restoration while keeping the signature bi-convex truss design which has shown to increase bone interface and dramatically reduce the risk of expulsion.”

4WEB expects that the Anterior Spine Truss System will provide a considerable growth opportunity for the business as it takes the product to market in the fourth quarter.  The company’s spine business has just completed its eighth straight quarter of consecutive growth and is poised for its biggest quarter ever in Q4 with the most comprehensive portfolio of 3D printed interbody implants and the early success of its also recently released lateral product line.

4WEB Medical is an implant device company founded in 2008 in Dallas, Texas. Thirty years of research in topological dimension theory led to the discovery of a novel geometry, the 4WEB, that can be used as a building block to create high-strength, lightweight web structures. The company leveraged this breakthrough along with cutting-edge 3D printing technology to develop 4WEB Medical’s proprietary truss implant platform. The 4WEB Medical product portfolio for spine includes the Cervical Spine Truss System, the Anterior Spine Truss System, the Posterior Spine Truss System, and the Lateral Spine Truss System. 4WEB is actively developing truss implant designs for knee, hip, trauma and patient specific orthopedic procedures.

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