Warehousing and Distribution

The business of orthopedics presents enough challenges for companies commercializing in the United States. Whether you are a newly formed US entity or an OUS organization expanding globally, you can take advantage of the economies of scale offered by OrthoEx. By leveraging our team's knowledge, talent and facilities, you can greatly reduce the investment required to kickstart operations to ensure that all key stakeholders from distributors to surgeons are properly supported.  



Outsource warehouse

Preserve capital, focus resources on product development, marketing and sales growth.

Optimized logistic Plan

OrthoEx's will develop a logistic plan based on the organizations sales distribution model and available resources.

Environmentally controlled warehouse

Our warehouse is monitored for temperature and humidity variations

Managed freight through advanced analytics

OrthoEx will use our proprietary software to ensure freight spend is optimized.

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We are a Specialized Orthopedic Warehouse and Distribution 3PL. Call for information 480-462-2888