Case Management was created by leaders in the orthopedic industry to once and for all solve the age old dilemma of inventory tracking for orthopedic distributors, and manufacturers. brings simplicity to the complex workflow unique to the orthopedic industry and provides your team the peace of mind it needs in the supply chain to sell with confidence. The hardest part of any software platform is engaging its


users in the field. was designed from the field user up, unlike other systems that were designed by logistics experts who lack the appreciation of the complex challenges faced by those closest to the customer. is a Force Multiplier for manufacturers and distributors as it compiles valuable data for all stakeholders to better understand their business and better resource areas with greater opportunity for growth.


SURGERY SCHEDULER notifies your team when cases are scheduled and updated. Customize them so you can stay in the loop on just what is important to you.

SURGEON PREFERENCES lets you create profiles for the surgeons you and your reps work with. Add preferences for specific procedures, notes, and internal comments.

INSTRUMENT AND IMPLANT TRACKING allows you the track each instrument and implant in your system. Coupled with the streamlined surgery scheduler, you are able to track your tubs and tray in real-time.


AllTraq is a UWB Enabled RFID Real Time Location and Monitoring System that utilizes active RFID tags and Nano Receivers to wirelessly Track, Monitor, Measure, Surveil, Validate and Report continuously and remotely the status and usage of tagged high value assets.

HOSPITAL CRM also makes it simple to manage hospitals and surgery centers and link them to their respective surgeons. Add notes and contacts to each profile for future reference.


Upload and attach photos and documents to cases, profiles, trays, tubs, products and more. View and download files anywhere, any time.

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