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Posted on Jul 24, 2017

July 21, 2017

Houston – ( BUSINESS WIRE ) – SpinalCyte, LLC, a tissue engineering technology company that is based in Texas and focuses on the regeneration of the disc nucleus pulposus using human skin fibroblasts , today announced that Japan Patent 6151006 ” Method and composition for cartilage repair using body bioreactor “announced the registration.

The technique described in this patent concerns the preparation of a cell / scaffolding composition of chondrocyte or chondrocyte-like cells. In this patent, we apply human skin fibroblasts (HDF) to the scaffold and subject the fibroblasts to mechanical stress, hypoxia, intermittent hydrostatic pressure. Furthermore, this technique also describes the use of bone formation growth factor.

SpinalCyte ‘s Chief Executive Officer Pete O’Heiron says: “This new Japanese patent shows that we have independently achieved international protection on our fibroblast technology, and our international understanding to regrow cartilage using fibroblasts It will develop a property portfolio. ”

Thanks to this addition, 23 registered patents (US and overseas) directly owned by the company and 46 patents under application are owned by SpinalCyte’s portfolio.

About SpinalCyte, LLC

SpinalCyte, LLC based in Houston, Texas, as a tissue engineering technology company, has developed an innovative solution for nucleus replacement using human dermal fibroblasts. SpinalCyte currently holds 23 registered patents in the United States and overseas, and has applied for further 46 patents. SpinalCyte, which receives all of its investment from angel investors, symbolizes the advancement of next-generation medicine for biopharmaceuticals and cell therapy.

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