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Posted on Apr 27, 2018

Adelaide, Australia, April 25, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — OrthAlign, Inc., a privately held U.S.-based medical device and technology company providing orthopedic surgeons with advanced precision technologies, announced today the first set of HipAlign® cases successfully completed for direct anterior total hip arthroplasty (THA) in Australia. These cases were completed by Adelaide-based orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Andrew Comley and continue to reflect the rapid adoption of OrthAlign’s handheld precision alignment and positioning technologies, by surgeons throughout the world.

OrthAlign provides highly accurate, computer-assisted, handheld technologies for surgeons to receive real-time, actionable data for precise alignment and positioning of components in total knee, unicondylar knee, and total hip (both posterior and anterior) arthroplasty surgeries. Over 15 peer-reviewed clinical studies have been published to date, validating OrthAlign’s accuracy, simplicity of use, and benefits in recovery for the patient.

“The accuracy and simplicity of HipAlign was outstanding,” said Dr. Comley, who operates out of Wakefield Hospital in Adelaide. “The technology is very easy to use with no interruption to my regular workflow and my post-ops showed that the cups were placed where I wanted them. I have increasingly been using the Direct Anterior approach for my THA patients and I have definitely seen the benefits for them… I will continue using the technology, as I believe it is the right thing for my patients, giving me more confidence and precision toward their results. Additionally, I teach and mentor younger surgeons who wish to master the Direct Anterior technique and I believe HipAlign can provide a valuable teaching tool and reassurance for those surgeons on the learning curve.”

Direct Anterior HipAlign does not require any pre-operative imaging or intraoperative fluoroscopy, while providing more clinically relevant positioning for cup placement and leg length measurement. Early clinical data from the United States demonstrates that surgeons can expect to reduce fluoroscopy exposure time by about 45%. Early clinical data from Japan shows cup placement (for both inclination and anteversion) accuracy of ±10°, with at least 95.9% confidence.

“OrthAlign is delighted to have successfully completed its first HipAlign cases in Australia,” said Andy Turner, OrthAlign’s Country Director for Australia/New Zealand. “The Australian market is thirsting for a cost-effective solution that helps surgeons achieve quicker, more precise results for their THA patients, without having to alter their existing surgical workflows. We are thrilled to be starting our launch of HipAlign for Direct Anterior THAs here in Australia and that it will not only help surgeons gain more confidence in their surgeries, but also lead to better outcomes for patients.”

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