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Posted on Nov 02, 2017

Corin, a global orthopaedic manufacturer and leader in functional implant positioning has announced a joint venture agreement with Ossis, a New Zealand-based implant maker. With more than 15 years clinical history Ossis is one of the leaders in design and manufacturing of personalised solutions for complex revision surgery and tumour resection.

Since 2007 Ossis has used advanced technologies to custom design and manufacture titanium bone and joint implants with over 200 successful implantations to date worldwide. Corin has recently developed an advanced 3D printing technology to manufacture their upcoming revision hip acetabular solution Trinity Plus™. The two companies are now partnering to provide the same cutting-edge technology for customised implants.

“With Corin’s portfolio we are able to provide personalised hip and knee solutions from bone preserving primary implants to revisions. Through this agreement we will extend our ability to support surgeons in the treatment of patients that require massive reconstruction” said Stefano Alfonsi, Chief Executive Officer of Corin. “The objective is to combine the long experience of Ossis in custom-made implants with our connected information infrastructure to improve surgeons’ abilities to perform these life-changing procedures worldwide”.

Ossis Managing Director Paul Morrison said “Communication, lead-time, and accuracy are all considered the enemy of a successful outcome for customised implants. Corin has several technology platforms that will complement and enhance the Ossis Custom Implant Service. We see this as an exceptional opportunity for those surgeons who consider custom implants the best option for their patient’s future quality of life.”

The joint venture with Ossis represents another important milestone for Corin in the creation of an interconnected network of technologies to provide solutions that maximises value for patients, surgeons and healthcare providers.

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About Ossis

Ossis is Australasia’s only ISO 13485 certified medical technology company, dedicated to the design and manufacture of Patient Specific Custom Implants. We offer over 15 years of clinical experience and expertise to our customers, helping them protect, restore or improve their patient’s long-term mobility.

Our team of engineers are recognised, not only for the quality and effectiveness of our products, but also for the high level of support we provide to our customers.  Great results are achieved through a combination of a good anatomical understanding and listening to our surgeons. We aspire to be recognised as a leader in the design and manufacture of custom orthopaedic implants.