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Posted on Jun 30, 2017


BoneSupport said last week it closed its initial public offering, raising a total of approximately $57.1 million (SEK 500 million), not including an over-allotment option.

The Swedish company, which is developing the Cerament G injectable antibiotic-eluting bone graft substitute, said it floated approximately 17.2 million new shares at $3.40 per share (SEK 29) in the round, raising approximately $57.1 million before issue costs and $54 million (SEK 461 million) after issue costs.

Bonesupport also issued an over-allotment option for 2.6 million shares and an additional $8.7 million (SEK 75 million), bringing the total number of shares offered in the round to 48.8 million, according to a press release.