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Posted on Jun 01, 2017

CROZET, VA, May 31, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/

SmarTech Publishing, the leading provider of in-depth industry analysis services to the additive manufacturing industry, has published its first ever true industry opportunity deep dive market research report on the burgeoning ‘additive orthopedics’ industry, revealing an area of well-defined opportunity for additive manufacturing that is being faced with sizeable change over the next several years.

Additive manufacturing technologies have been employed by orthopedic device manufacturers for the production of approved medical implants for almost a decade, however the use of such technology is at a critical tipping point today. SmarTech’s proprietary market models have been adapted to this growing serial manufacturing opportunity as part of its ongoing analysis plan in biomedical 3D printing/additive manufacturing, and reveal that the additive orthopedic market generated nearly $500M in total opportunities in 2016.

Details of the report titled, “Additive Orthopedics: Markets for 3D-Printed Medical Implants – 2017” are available at … lants-2017

About the Report:

Use of additive manufacturing (AM) technologies for the production of approved orthopedic devices has been a driving force in the growth of metal AM technology to address true serial manufacturing applications. Today, the industry is rapidly expanding these efforts to include not only titanium implants in new orthopedic care segments, but also the use of polymer and bioactive materials and 3D printing technologies to revolutionize the future of orthopedic care using implantable devices.