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Posted on Oct 03, 2018

ENGLEWOOD, Colo.Oct. 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Since its inception, Paragon 28® has obsessed over every aspect of foot and ankle surgery. Committed to creating tailored solutions to improve surgical outcomes, Paragon 28 has launched innovative products and instrumentation that help to streamline procedures, allow surgeons flexibility in technique and approach, and facilitate reproducible results benefitting both the surgeon and patient.

The Baby Gorilla® Medial and Lateral Talar Neck plates are highly contoured in order to fit the unique curvature and anatomy of the talar neck. The plate geometry and screw hole locations are designed in order to provide fixation and stability around commonly observed fracture patterns. Additionally, the medial talar neck plate contains extended bridge lengths to accommodate ancillary fixation should cross screw fixation be appropriate.

The Lateral Talar Neck Plates come in two sizes, both small and medium for left and right feet while the medial talar neck plate is offered in a left and right option.

The Zig Zag and Zig Zag Spanning plates can be used universally in application but excel when addressing highly comminuted areas, revisions, hardware removal and metatarsal fractures. The Zig Zag plates come in multiple lengths and screw hole options, from a 5-hole plate up to as large as a 19-hole option. Additionally, the Zig Zag Spanning plate comes in three length options to address the needs of each patient.

The modularity of the Baby Gorilla® Mini Plating system allows both small plate caddies to utilize the same screws and instrumentation used by all other 80+ Baby Gorilla® plating options, all in a single set. All plates are designed to accept both 2.0mm and 2.5mm locking and non-locking plate screws. Additionally, the Baby Gorilla® system includes state of the art foot and ankle specific instrumentation including curettes, reduction clamps, osteotomes, as well as small pin compression and distraction devices.

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