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Posted on May 25, 2017

May 24, 2017

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–NovaBone Products, a leading biologics medical device company, announces the addition of NovaBone IRM and NovaBone IRM MacroPOR to its portfolio of biologically active bone graft substitutes.

NovaBone IRM, and NovaBone IRM MacroPOR are the most advanced bioactive synthetic bone graft substitutes available to the orthopedic community today. Both formulations optimize osteogenesis, uniquely signal and stimulate osteoblastic activity, and offer angiogenic potential. By design, both formulations are highly irrigation resistant with excellent cohesion and handling properties.

“NovaBone Products’ base Bioactive Glass technology has proven to out-perform traditional calcium sulfate based synthetic products and demineralized bone matrix products,” said Dennis McBride, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “We are now advancing our science further by providing formulations with carriers that have a synergistic effect in bone formation and retain molded shapes following implantation and irrigation.”

Novabone offers the broadest portfolio of bioactive synthetic bone graft substitutes in the world, with a robust pipeline of products in development designed to expand the regenerative biologics products the company offers. Presently, products offered include minimally invasive (MIS) delivery devices, strip formulations, putty materials that are hydrated using bone marrow aspirate, and putty formulations that are ready-to-use out of the package.

“We are proud to offer products that allow a surgeon to look to one company when addressing bone grafting needs,” concluded McBride.

NovaBone Products, a privately held company based in Florida, USA since 2002 and a recognized industry leader in bioactive glass design and manufacturing, developed the first bioactive synthetic bone graft offered to the orthopaedic community.


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