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Posted on Oct 18, 2017

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DSM Biomedical has partnered with Cerapedics to create and manufacture the next generation of peptide-enhanced bone graft.

The partnerships allows for DSM’s regenerative materials capabilities to be used with Cerapedics’s proprietary synthetic small peptide (P-15) technology developed by Cerapedics.

Designed for fast and predictable remodeling in bone graft substitute applications, DSM’s newest bioceramic platform is make of a carbonated apatite matrix. The partnership states that DSM will provide collagen carrier, final packaging and full support throughout the product development process.

“The partnership combines the industry leading expertise and capabilities in bioceramic materials of DSM with Cerapedics’ innovative growth factor, delivering a new product solution to improve people’s lives,” David Yonce, VP and global head of innovation at DSM Biomedical, said. “Together, from concept to commercialization, we are at the leading edge of advanced healing solutions.”