Inventory Management

OrthoEx's inventory management program will produce valuable cost savings for your company by reducing loss of implants and instruments, optimizing set utilization, and employing technology assisted FIFO system for expiring implants. OrthoEx's inventory management system is designed to help you meet the FDA's CFR 820.20, Medical Device Tracking requirements. OrthoEx also provides actionable data to enable accurate demand planning and equip you for making quicker and more accurate deployment decisions.



Reduce Cost

Outsourcing your inventory management will allow you invest your capital into product innovation and R&D.

Inventory Tracking

Our advanced analytics reporting will allow you optimize inventory levels and assist in forecasting demand to reduce manufacturing cost.

Expired Management

We use a "First In, First Out" (FIFO) approach to inventory management. Our inventory management system tracks expiration dates on all implants, and allows us to rotate expiring implants to higher turning sales areas.

Cycle Counts

We conduct periodical cycle counts on all inventory in our control, as well as inspecting every kit for completeness upon return to warehouse.

Real Time RFID

AllTraq is a UWB Enabled RFID Real Time Location and Monitoring System that utilizes active RFID tags and Nano Receivers to wirelessly Track, Monitor, Measure, Surveil, Validate and Report continuously and remotely the status and usage of tagged high value assets. State-of-the-art RFID (radio frequency identification system) Hybrid system of UWB enabled RFID chips and micro dot bar codes Integrated system comprised of (1) Tag reader antennae (2) Access control sensors (3) Proprietary software


Optimize inventory levels and better predict forecasts by utilizing advanced analytics.

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